Problem definition

You must have heard many times that understanding the problem is half of the solution. Now, we want to go further and say that defining the problem in a scientific and accurate way guarantees the achievement of the result, but defining the problem has its own rules and principles, the non-observance of which sometimes leads the researcher or business owner to nowhere.
But you can prevent it and get help from our experts in this field.

Design questionnaire

To conduct a research, sometimes there is a ready-made questionnaire and sometimes it is necessary to design it. Choosing or designing a questionnaire both have principles. You can leave it to us.

Design sampling

The sample as a part of the society should be selected in such a way that it is representative of the plopulation. If not, all subsequent efforts and results obtained from this sample are without sufficient validity.

Determine sample size

Sampling take cost. The cost is considered both in terms of time and money and technically. If we don’t have enough samples, the results are not valid enough

Design experiment

Design Experiment, like sampling design, requires compliance with basic principles such as randomization and repetition, and if basic principles are not followed, it can lead to cost and loss of output credibility.

Data analysis

In data analysis, it is not necessary to think of complex and advanced methods; Sometimes very simple descriptive tools provide the best analysis of the data

Preparing report

The report as a document of the product of all the activities carried out for research and development is very important and following the basic principles in its preparation will increase its value and use.

Statistical cocsulting

The wide variety of statistical services and the need to use them from the beginning to the achievement of the results on the one hand and the variety of methods and details that exist at each stage and are added to it day by day, the necessity of using a consultant It justifies the statistics

Special orders

We are with you at any stage; We have ideas for you from the beginning, middle or even at the end of the work

What is AGNA+

We stand by the customer’s side from the moment he chooses Agna’s services, and from the time of problem definition to solution, we offer scientific approaches and tools in the form of solutions and suggestions. The problem can be an academic research, a challenge in the business environment or a concern in an organization and organization. Currently, with Agnaplus, we provide services in problem definition, questionnaire design, sampling design, sample size determination, experiment design, data analysis, preparation of scientific reports, and specialized training.
For Agnaplus, we have included certain work processes including specialized consulting in the field of statistics and data science, data analysis, conducting training courses and producing scientific content.

Statistica Consulting
Collaboration in the research projects
Data analysis for postgraduate thesis