AGNA Products and Services


AGNA+ provides services in statistical consulting, problem definition, questionnaire design, sampling design, sample size determination, experiment design, data analysis, preparation of scientific reports and specialized training.

AGNA map

Having knowledge about the background and previous similar cases is part of the road map of every scientific research and market research. In preparing these maps, AGNA map prepares a list of valid documents related to work topics and presents them in different levels and in two ready and customized formats.


Agna produces quality products and data using professional principles and is responsible for the quality of its products. What is produced with these features in Agna is offered under the brand name “AGNA Kala” in both ready-made and customized formats.

“Data is an inherent feature of every element; sometimes it is visible and sometimes it needs to be explored.”

Dr. Rahim Mahmoudvand

Let’s get help from experts to solve the problem

AGNA does not have a ready and immediate answer to your problem, but it is with you until you find the answer.