Today’s story is an old story

The story of Agna is a long story of the companionship of data and the knowledge of statistics in discovering the secrets of existence, which is narrated in a sweet language by Agnais. Data is a means of describing the visible and hidden angles of creation elements; But in using this tool, a deep understanding of statistics is always needed. With a deep look at the beautiful elements of existence, Agna talks to you about a new world, an orderly and solid world based on the deep wisdom of data science and statistical knowledge!

Agna with a simple and sweet language; It teaches you that data is valuable in any situation and can show the dark and light corners of the elements of the universe.

Our mission

By benefiting from the scientific principles and knowledge of statistics, we have prepared the data file and considering the quality of the data as a necessity in achieving the desired analysis, we believe that the data are valuable in any form and condition and should be looked at with a deeper look and based on Knowledge of statistics to be studied.

With the aim of designing a new platform of data bank called “Data Bazaar”, Agnais tries to provide the needs of data science enthusiasts and professionals to work with data. With our statistical knowledge, we help you find the latest and rarest data.

History of Agna

Amargostaran Nikoopardaz Alvand Company (AGNA) was established in 2016 with registration number 884 and has been operating since 2018 in the center of growth and technology of Bu-Ali Sina University under the title “Data Bazaar of Hamadan”. By setting up the “Data bazaar” unit, Agna collects and provides quality data products based on scientific principles and is one of the statistical companies that provides a new platform of data banks for data science enthusiasts and professionals.

Our vision

Becoming a global data bank by providing reliable data products based on correct statistical criteria in all scientific fields and business fields is the first and most important vision of Agna. In order to depict this huge vision, the Agnais have used all their strength to navigate the challenging paths of this road by benefiting from the knowledge of statistics.

CEO of Agna

Dr. Rahim Mahmovand entered the world of playing with data as a statistician in 1997. He has been present since the birth of Agna and has not spared any efforts to make it taller.

Agna team

Achieving Agna’s global vision in providing data products around the world requires cooperation with experts from various fields of science such as statistical sciences, mathematics, computers and economics. Currently, Agna’s team consists of experts and graduates of bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in the fields of statistics and mathematics.

Our colleagues and customers

As a small point in the sea of ​​science, we have cooperated with various companies and organizations since the birth of Agna.

  • Undergraduate students
  • Graduate students
  • University faculty members
  • Other researchers
  • Bu Ali Sina University
  • Hamedan province general registry office
  • General Department of Islamic Propaganda of Hamedan Province
  • Aftabgardan shop
  • Actuarial Society of Iran
  • Statistics Student Scientific Association

Agna Terminology

If you are an Agna customer, you should know us better!

Agna is trying to provide a variety of statistical services and products to those interested based on professional and scientific principles. Getting products and services from an expert raises market expectations, so our statistical products and services are presented with Agna-specific names to better understand the difference:

Agnakala: Data files suitable for scientific, organizational and industrial research and development.
Agnamp: It is a roadmap for research and development.
Agnaplus: It includes all kinds of statistical services needed by researchers, business owners, managers and experts of organizations.
message from head manger

data tower

“Awareness of global phenomena and the discovery of the mysteries of existence has started since the beginning of mankind. In the language of science today, we say that the basis of all knowledge and discoveries was data. In this regard, data science is not a new science. The ancients used traditional tools to Inside the data, they extracted information and knowledge, and today’s people do the same with new tools. Both approaches are important and benefit us, but the validity of both approaches depends on the quality of the data. Data is like They are the foundation of the building of human consciousness. So let’s attach special value to the foundation of the building of consciousness. An experimental architect can build a one-story, two-story, and three-story building easily and well, but without a doubt, he does not have the ability to build a high-rise tower. So Get help from data architects to build towers with data foundation.