Data as tools for describing and understanding the elements and phenomena around us have the ability to become valuable products. However, turning them into a product requires professional skills, which, if not paid attention to, are not only useless, but also cause confusion and damage. AGNA produces quality data products using professional principles and is responsible for the quality of its products. AGNA uses the brand name “AGNA KALA” to introduce these products and presents this product in two ready and customized formats. On this page, the list of ready AGNA KALAs can be seen. If the AGNA KALA you want is not in our list, don’t worry; Just place an order from the menu or click on the button below. AGNA KALA will prepare your customized AGNA KALA in the shortest possible time.

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AGNA KALA Description

Food Waste Data

Do you know the status of food waste in the food supply chain?

Do you know the amount of food waste in restaurants?

Do you know the economic value of food waste?

Webinar Participants Data

Do you know how popular webinars are?

Do you know what are the problems of webinar organizers?

Do you know what is the average time spent on webinars?

Newborn Weight

Do you know the weight of a newborn?

Do you know how the gestational age of mothers change?

Is the weight of newborn boys and girls are different?